What is monochrome dress code

History of monochrome dress code

A few years ago, in 2014, a viral image spread across the internet in a very short time. It was an article with the heading “How to wear white after Labor Day”. The author argued that it is tacky to wear white after this holiday in September. And if you are into fashion, then you don’t do that anymore. Few months later, the trend continued with a black and white dress that was featured on a popular talk show. The conversation that followed was about how the dress looked different colors to different viewers – but it was actually black and white.

When to wear monochrome

A monochrome dress code is always a good choice for events, parties, weddings or other important daylife. It makes it easy to coordinate your outfit with others and also shows confidence in your styling skills. For many years now, the fashion industry has been telling us that we should wear as much color as possible. Maybe this is because advertisers want us to buy more clothes; maybe it’s because retailers want us to make sure their brand is visible. Either way, there’s a growing number of people who are sick of being told what to do.

monochrome dress code

How to wear monochrome outfits

Monochrome outfits are a great way to make anybody look more elegant. They are classic, simple, and can be worn in many different ways. Let’s take a look at the most common monochromatic outfit combinations you can wear.

The first combination is black on black with an accent color. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate monochrome into your wardrobe because it doesn’t require too much thought or effort. Try wearing black pants with a jet-black shirt and throw on a bright scarf for an added touch of color  This means that you will always match no matter what colors you choose for each article of clothing. For instance, if you choose black as a base color, then your shirt, skirt, shoes, bag and necklace can be any contrasting color. 

Tips on how to wear monochrome trend 

Here are some tips on how to rock this trend:

Tip 1: You don’t need to wear everything in one colour to look good

Tip 2: #monochromedresscode for women: long black dresses without any prints, colors or flower patterns; one single color; accessories (like earrings) must be in one or several shades of grey and/or white; make up: only neutral colors like brown, beige, grey and white; shoes: flat-heels (no pumps);

Tip 3: #blackoutdresscode for men: dark suit; tie; white shirt; 

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It’s the Monday after the first day of Summer and we’re already feeling blue that we’re stuck indoors instead of enjoying the sunshine outdoors. However, who says that you can’t enjoy summer through what you wear. For our first edition of Work Wear Monday’s, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite blogger work outfits to get you back in the mood for summer even if you’re at a desk all day. Hopefully these outfits will give you some inspiration on how to style the rest of your week!


Monochrome Work Wear

White is a popular color for both spring and summer. Wear it alone or pair it together with other monochromatic pieces in either black or grey if you attract stains like a magnet.

We love how the black leather jacket ties in the strappy black stilettos to an all-white outfit. In the earlier parts of summer when temperatures are not yet that hot, one of the biggest hassles of leaving early in the morning is the morning breeze which later disappears in the afternoon into a blazing hot sun. Our best advice is that you can take off pieces when you’re hot but you can’t add pieces on when you’re cold. Toss on a jacket with your outfit in the morning to keep yourself snug during the commute to work and then either fashionably throw it over your shoulders after work or tuck it into your purse for the travel home.

Gone are the days of traditional blazers that end at the waist and in are long overcoats. This long blazer still gives structure to the outfit so that it isn’t too casual while the length adds a trendy and fashionable vibe. If it’s too hot where you’re living to wear a long-sleeved blazer, try a sleeveless long vest. To stay with the white trend, we’re loving this white option from Zara.

Dare to bare skin when it’s hot! Just be careful that none of your bra straps are exposed as that’s a huge no-no in fashion. Make sure to use double sided tape to cover all the unsightly bits your tank might expose or invest in a good strapless bra. We’re also seeing a lot of metallic embellishments on both clothing and handbags that add to the outfit without having to stack up on jewelry. The zips on the boots and jeans are the same finish, creating cohesiveness with the whole outfit. If you want the embellishments to be subtle, stick with silver to keep in the same family with white. If you prefer a pop of color, why not experiment with white or even rose gold?

As monochrome can get, here is a completely black outfit. An all-black outfit still works in the summer too, just remember to accessorize so that your ensemble doesn’t appear to sombre. Little things like the hardware on a handbag or a simple piece of jewelry will make a statement against such a dark backdrop.

Although this outfit is relatively similar to the one above, we love how unique the heels are and couldn’t help but share this look. The built in geometric heel of this shoe is so drastically different that it elevates the whole look to another level than just simple (although the shoe itself looks so simple). While the previous look was a little bit more feminine, the quadrilateral heel lends a more sporty edge to this ensemble.

Skirts are still very much popular as the seasons change, and are great options as opposed to skirts. If you’re not quite comfortable rocking out a skirt this length, skorts are the best option to explore the land of skirts without venturing too deep into butt-cheek grazing territory.

Two-piece sets are no longer just a blazer and skirt. Try this modern twist with a vintage pattern to keep that conservative edge of your office wear while staying fashionably on trend. Matching sets are super cute and allow you the option of wearing the pieces separately for different occasions. Perhaps pairing the monochrome top with the skort mentioned in the previous outfit. Or even tucking a nice peter pan-collared blouse into the pants. Voila, you already have 3 possible outfit ideas with just one set of separates.

If you’re feeling extremely adventurous and not usually a klutz, then try an all-white ensemble on the other end of the monochrome spectrum or something similar. We love this two-tone blazer paired with the textured denim. The teal purse adds a pop of color to the outfit so that it isn’t overly monochromatic. In the case of shoes, we see animal prints as neutrals, and we know that most of you guys probably don’t own white shoes since they get dirty so easily. Try staying in the same color palette by picking a lighter print so that it goes seamlessly with the textured denim.

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