What are Dungarees & How to wear them

What are Dungarees

The origin of Dungarees were a type of work clothing designed to be worn as a protective garment when working with heavy machinery. The name is derived from the Hindi word डाँगरी (dāngarī) or Punjabi word ਡੁਂਗੜੀ (ḍẖẙẘạẻ), both literally meaning “a long coat”. The style was similar to that of jeans but are shorter in length, reaching down to about calf level.

For many of us, dungarees (also called overalls) bring back childhood memories of playing in the dirt – a look that was likely less than fashion forward, on or off playground. But it seems our childhoods are coming back to haunt us; as usual, everything old is new again, and dungarees are once again in style.


How to wear dungarees

Many questions come to mind when styling dungarees: What do you wear them with? How do you style them without looking childish? How do you wear them without looking dumpy? Ultimately, different things work for everyone, but here are a few tips.

The dungarees are a versatile and casual item that has been frequently worn by many people from all ages. It is a garment that is not only comfortable, but also allows you to be creative with your outfit as it can be worn with different tops and shoes.

Dungarees are both utilitarian and playful. You can channel either of those vibes when styling your look. If you choose to go utilitarian, go for a more serious, grown up look. That means finding a pair of dungarees that are tailored well to your body, and accessorizing with dressy statement pieces – think bib necklaces and stiletto heels. The addition of a crisp white shirt underneath that is either well-tailored or has a unique texture will elevate this look to the next level.

Alternatively, you can choose to go the playful route and channel your inner child (or your inner, rebellious teen.) Fun and youthful accessories such as flat sneakers and snapback caps are welcome for this look. This styling looks particularly great with a crop top underneath, and leaving one side of your dungarees undone can add the perfect effortless, rebellious touch.

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